HOUSE TRAINED - A Training Method that Fits You!

Each person and every goal are different. I take your individual requirements, body type, and goals and tailor a customized training environment that corresponds directly to your expectations and goal aquisition.


House Trained Method provides you with a convient and highly effective workout program devised to achieve exactly what you want.


      Training Enviroment Types:

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Power Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Sports Specific
  • Endurance (conditioning and muscular)
  • Boxing / Kick boxing
  • Overal Fitness

Program Types:

Private (In Home, In Gym or In Park)

The personalized private training program. You are the client and I am your trainer. We can jog through the parks together, work out at your home, or hit it hard in the gym. In this type of training situation, I don’t see myself as the drill sergeant (unless that is what you need!) but as a motivation partner who supports you in your goals. You run 5 miles, I run 5 miles. That’s how easy it is. We want to achieve your goal together, and that is enough motivation for me to work just as hard as you do.

      Program Includes:
  • Initial Consultation (to record body messurments, explore client backgroud, nutrition synopsis, general fitness assesment, goal setting)
  • Customized House Trained sessions (50 minutes)
  • Weekly reconfiguration of workout plans (maintain and support appropriate goal aquisition)
  • Weekly nutriton analysis and coaching 
  • Re-assessment of body messurements (to ensure appropriate progress)
  • Constant form and intensity coaching to avoid injusry while achieving maximum benefits

Girlfriend Special

You don’t do anything without your best girlfriend? No problem. I can train and motivate both of you together. My experience has shown that having a friend alongside motivates some clients to top performances that otherwise would never have been possible.

Group Special

A close-knit family or group is a guarantee to good results: in the kitchen, on vacation, and also in the gym. Of course, the training for the entire family is based on the minimum skill level of all family members. It is very important to me that no one gets left behind. After all, we want to achieve something together!

Boxing and Kick Boxing Lessons / Training

Housed Trained Boxing or Kickboxing offers targeted workout and training programs for first-time and experienced boxers, fitness seekers, and those who are looking to use boxing as a means to get in shape. 








      Program Benefits Include:

  • Education on skill and technique
  • Conditioning
  • Weight Loss / Fat Loss
  • Muscle Definition
  • Core Strength 
  • Increased hand and foot speed
  • Stress Reduction

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